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We want your Child to See Better, Learn Better & Play Better.

Children don’t know how to describe their vision changes, and may not even be aware that their vision is compromised.  


An estimated 25% percent of school-age children have vision problems, and 80% of learning is visual. Better vision helps coordination, school performance, skill development and confidence.

Early detection of vision problems is crucial. Vision begins to develop immediately after birth, and vision changes often occur quickly.


When these problems are addressed early, your child is more likely to continue to develop and learn at a good pace. We check far and close up vision, muscle balance, colour vision and depth perception. 

The only way to know for sure if your child has a vision or eye health problem, is to book regular comprehensive eye exams. 

All children aged 19 and under are covered by OHIP for eye exams.

A pair of FREE EYE GLASSES for JK students in Ontario through the EyeSeeEyeLearn program

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